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Paraguay belongs among the 5 most popular countries in the world for inmigration. So it isn't just a coincidence that many of our guest come to Paraguay to obtain information and advice about the possibilities of inmigration to the country and, as always, the friendly helpful staff at Lipa will be happy to assist in this task.

The "Aparthotel Lipa" always offers its guests attractive and competitive rates whether you plan to make a short trip or have an extended stay in Paraguay...

Beside comfortable apartments with all hotel services included (cleaning, breakfast, free mini-bar etc) all of our guests have direct internet access (wireless LAN), DVD player, cable-TV, and much more - all the comfort and conveniences that you would ever need to enjoy your stay in Paraguay...

We also offer our guests numerous sightseeing trips and excursions, tours to farms or to the colonies in the countryside, as well as other points of interest in the nation. When requested we will provide a friendly helpful and an absolutely "neutral" tour guide.

Our hotel is located in Asunción, the nations´ capital and the heart of Paraguay. The Aparthotel is close to the city center but in a quiet neighborhood away from the traffic and congestion - a great starting point for any trips around town or the countryside. During your visit, at the Lipa you will get to know and appreciate the flora and fauna of Paraguay as well as having the opportunity of meeting many different and interesting people from all parts of the world who have immigrated to this country to start a new life. Paraguay is a nation that has welcomed everyone in a very special way..

So bienvenidos to our "New World" and come and enjoy a pleasant stay with us here in Paraguay,

Susanne & Peter,
Aparthotel Lipa (Asunción, Paraguay)

ive in a pleasant (almost private) atmosphere with all the comfort of your own home including the modern conveniences of the new millennium...                         More...

deal starting point for visiting the center of Asunción , to go shopping or just for sight seeing. Situated in a quiet but central location, in Lipa you have easy access to all parts of the city...                                                                               More...

retty, attractive and affordable modern apartments available to you and your family with daily, weekly or monthly rates for either a short or a long term stay in Paraguay.            More...

 beautiful tropical garden will invite you to relax, chat with friends or perhaps enjoy a delicious barbecue.          More...
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Home, Sweet Home.

Did you know that "Lipa" is the Slovenian word for lime tree ...?    
The lime tree and the lime tree leaf in our logo represent in the esoteric freedom,
loyalty, love, justice and being together in   harmony –  characteristics which you
will appreciate very quickly in the pleasant atmbiance of Lipa-Hotel.



Paraguay Vacations by Naldo Camarones

Paraguay, which is located in South America, makes a great vacation destination. The climate is inviting and the people are so welcoming. It’s become a popular getaway for both couples and families.

There are many places to stay while you visit Paraguay. Many hotels offer both comfortable accommodations and terrific locations.

One hotel that fits this bill is the Lipa Aparthotel. The Lipa Aparthotel is nestled in Asuncion. It offers its guests many of the same amenities found at more about this amazing article here

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