3 days, 2 nights
Pure nature, bird paradise Gran Chaco, dry riverbed, wide palm tree and savannah landscape, Filadelfia and other Mennonites Colonies, Ungerer Museum, sight seeing, settlement of Indians, fortin Boqueron, Farm life...

day 1:
Very early in the morning we leave to go up north into the gran chaco. The almos untouched flora and fauna, as well as the impressing amount of birds offers a lot of possibilities to take wonderful pictures. On several stops we have the possibility to watch birds in a paradisiacal surrounding. During the 470 km drive at the Ruta Transchacowatching a always changing scenery of the northern region our tour guide will amuse you with interesting stories and information. This days destination is the worth seeing colony of the Mennonite settlers of German extraction. Filadelfia: Here you can see, how the green Hell was developed into a blooming landscape, however after the effort, sacrifice and deprivation the first three settler generation has had to survive.
Here we visit the Cooperative, which provide almost the whole country with the dairy product of milk as well, depending of the season as with cotton, peanuts harvest of the Menno-colonies. We spend the night in the hotel Florida en Filadelfia, , the centre of the Menno colony.

day 2:
In the morning we visit the museum Jakob-Unger with the uncountable relics of the foundation of the colonies. We visit the supermarket of the Cooperative and a worth seeing saddlery, which is specialized in the export of western style saddles to Europe. Afterwards we visit in the dry hot Gran Chaco a "normal" housing estate o the Indians. We spend the night in the hotel Florida again.

day 3:
We visit a typical Estancia (cattle farm) where you can see the daily routine from very close. If you want you can go horse back riding. Then we visit the Fortin Boqueron – which is very famous in Paraguay. I t is an old fort at the most known battlefield of the bloody Chaco war...
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