Emigrand - special
How do imigrands live in Paraguay? Ask some emigrants by yourself! During this tour you have the chance to do so...
Imigrated from Austria: dropout and rare foot vegan Wolfgang is living in his 1 room home, alone and happy , without electricity, at his 9 ha big property – we visit him...
Imigrated from Germany: Jürgen and Monika own with their Finca "EL Gaucho" a really beautiful property with a marvelous view on the lake Ypacarai. Swimming-pool, guest rooms, horses – wounderful to relax and to reestablish your soul again – we visit them...
Imigrated from the USA: Robert and Tifany, both retired immigrated in the year 2000 to Paraguay and constructed their dream villa right into the green bushes. 2 years ago they startet aMakadamia-Nut-Plantation and they keep their own small private zoo with parrots, amazones, ostriches, toucans, monkeys and so on – we visit them...
In the afternoon: Asado (tipical paraguayan Grillparty) at the hotel owned mini farm "Rancho Lipa-í". Together with the Reyes de Isla Alta – three original paraguayan folcloric-musicians from the village close by with their guitar, harp and their passionate guaranie-songs...
On the way back we go through the village hoch Altos up in the hills with wounderful view on the famous lake Ypacarai then we go to San Bernardinoand Areguá and finally going back to Asunción...
daytrip, surroundings of Asunción, Price: $ 90.–

Circuito de Oro
Itá - Yaguaron - Paraguari - Piribebuy - Caacupé - San Bernardino - Itaugua
With the trip to Itá (pottery manufacture) this day trip begins. In the historical place Yaguaron we visit the most beautiful church of the land build in the 17th century – a baroque church, which was built by the Guarni-indians under the instruction of Franciscan Padres. Then we go to Paraguari into the hills of Chololo, where you will find a nice and virgin nature with small streams and impressing mountains. .
Through Piribebuy we go to Caacupé, the most visited place of pilgrimage of the country. Every year on December 8, hundred thousands make a pilgrim from all over the country to pay homage to the miracle making Holy Mary... Then we go to the lake Lago Ypacarai – the biggest inner sea of the country. The small village San Bernardino, , was founded by Germans in the year 1881 by Nietzsches sister. San Bernardino ist t h e recreation area of Asuncion's population..
The next destination: Itauguá – sightseeing of Ñanaduti-embroidery. One of the most famous handikraft in Paraguay is Ñanduti, a embroidery in beautiful colours imitating a cobweb (Ñanduti is a Guarani word and means cobweb). After that we drive to Capiatá, to see in a church of the 17 century an admirable altar made by the guarani Indians. Finally we start our way back home to the "Aparthotel Lipa" driving through San Lorenzo, the university town of the country which has a church in the Gothic style.
daytrip, about 7 hours, Price: $ 110.–

Colony Independencia

Who hasn't heart of "the colony" yet...? Normally it is meant the colony Inde-pendencia – founded in the middle of the 20th by german immigrants - located in the heart of Paraguay. Nice hilly landscape, where a lot of german immigrants live and still arriving new ones. It is interesting to see how they earn their living, sometimes with agriculture or with tourism...

day 1:
Leaving Asunción and we go to Luque, , the city of the harps and guitars, as well as the gold and silver filigree manufacture. Continuing to Areguá – , visiting pottery manufacturing then we go to the mountain – Cerro Coi (mountain with mosaic stones, which you can find in this form only three times in the world!). Through beautiful hilly landscape we reach finally the pilgrim place Caacupé and Coronel Oviedo (biggest junction of the country and then we reach our destination, the Baden wine-grower colony Independencia.
Here is the biggest wine-grower area of Paraguay (if you want we can organize a wine-tasting). We stay the night in the colony.

day 2:
After breakfast we will make an extensive visit of the whole colony which is located in the impressing hilly area of Ybuturuzu. We visit an old winery and a sugarcane manufacture. Here you think you went 50 years back in time....! In the afternoon we start or return trip to Asunción...
2 days, 1 night, Price: $ 170.–

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