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A little bit like at home...
  Ups!  – You want to cook during your vacations...?    
  That's not necessary but sometimes you prefer to stay at home, watch TV, surf in the internet or make a barbecue in the garden   (that is also possible at LIPA ).
  What do you think of typical Paraguayan "chipas"...? It is very simple to prepare these " corn donuts " which are indispensable for a   "snack " between the meals for most of the Paraguayans ...                
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All our apartments – single occupation or for the whole family – have besides the bedroom also a living room, bathroom and a complete equipped kitchen.
   How to prepare the tasty chipas:        
   1 kg corn flour (or cassava or potato flour)
   3 eggs    
   3 spoons of butter or grease   
   1 kg hard cheese (which melt easily)      
   1 cup of milk      
   some salt  

Mix the flour in a bowl with the salt, butter, eggs and the shredded cheese and pour the milk little by little. The dough is ready when it’s firm but does not stick on your hands
Since it is a Paraguayan dough, it needs to rest a bit. Let the dough rest for one hour and then you can form round donuts (in the size of a beer mat).
Grease the griddle and put the " donuts" on it with at least 1 cm of space between each other. Put it in thehot oven (temperature 200 ° Celsius) and bake it from 10 to 20 minutes until the chipas get a yellow golden colour. (Firm on the outside but still soft inside.)
Please have in mind that the more you bake the chipas, the more they harden – but the cheese keeps the chipas soft inside.
Please have in mind, that the Chipas get harder the more you bake them – but the cheese keeps the Chipas soft from inside.
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