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You can only enjoy a new land if you truly feel well. This is valid if you are during a business trip in Paraguay as well for  all those  who  are   visiting   our  country  during
Stress & Frustration – No, thanks!
Aparthotel Lipa –  The Ambience    

vacation. Whatever expects you in the "new World"-hectic, impressions and experiences – be sure that when you close the door of your "Lipa-Apartment" behind you, peace, security and safety are expecting you.
The good taste of the Lipa-Ambience and the harmony in our house will let you forget very soon all the stress.
Welcome at home –   Home, Sweet Home...
Home, Sweet Home.

Instead of impersonal hotel atmosphere we offer you a friendly climate, which of course you can steer clear of anytime. Your home is your castle - also if you are on the move, or if you leave us your mother-in-law to take care of. Nobody wants to intrude you or sell you anything, but we will, whenever you feel like it, have an open ear for your questions and will be able to give competent answers.

A friendly ambiance (but still respecting you privacy) belong as well to our guidelines, as the endeavour to offer you a refined and secure home during your stay in Paraguay.
An honest and clean staff as well as 10 years of hotel experience in the capital and the almost familiar ambiance bring us every year satisfied regular customers - the best sign you can ask for…

You can rent
the Lipa Apartments
per day, week, month,
or even longer!
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